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In your opinion which political party can ensure Georgia’s economic prosperity and why?

Wednesday, August 29
“None of the parties will decide the country's economic problems. Such problems might be solved by a group consisting of competent economists, chaired by the Prime Minister of the country.”
Lia, Economist, 44

“I really have no political preferences – my only interest is football, so it will be hard for me to define the economic potential of Georgian political parties.”
Giorgi, Football player, 25

“I cannot suggest any party because I am not familiar with the Georgian election environment the last several years.”
Nino, Manager, 28

“I think nobody can do it... Nobody can be trusted, nobody is the kind politician, nobody cares... So vote for nobody. It's my pre-election attitude.”
Zakro, Sociologist, 41

“I really don't know exactly which. I do not support or trust any of them. People should ensure their own economic prosperity.”
Gaioz, Translator, 31

“Unfortunately I have no idea especially when we are talking about economics.”
Mariam, Accountant, 36

“I don't think any political party can ensure Georgia's economic prosperity. This kind of development needs full reconsideration of Georgian industry and agriculture and I don't think any of the parties will do that.”
Temur, Journalist, 29

“I think none of the participating parties have a specific program on how to develop the economy so I mistrust all of them.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 37

“In my opinion, no party can insure the country’s economic prosperity holding the majority of parliamentary seats. Balanced parliament only can become a guarantor of economic prosperity, otherwise the monopolies will continue in Georgia.
Levan, engineer, 29

“Well, I think that the coalition might solve such problems, as Ivanishvili has the financial means for this. If they will not there will be no relief for the country.”
Avtandil, unemployed, 28