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Do you believe Russia still threatens Georgia?

Thursday, August 30
"Probably it still does. With a neighbor like Russia you can never feel safe.”
Vaja, engineer, 52

“I do not feel much threat at the moment; don’t think there can be another war with the Russians.”
Teona, teacher, 45

“I do not think Russia will start any serious activity against Georgia, especially after the Georgian-Russian War in 2008, but I am afraid our government may cause some provocation before the upcoming parliamentary elections this fall.”
Elene, Teacher, 47

“After the current events carried out at Georgian-Russian border I started worrying about the future of my country. Unfortunately I do not know who when and why started the fire but there are 14 dead bodies after the so called “anti-terrorist” operation and I can still understand nothing at all and I can blame no one.”
Ilia, Dentist, 35

“I do not believe that Russia or anyone has even threatened Georgia on the contrary I think everyone wants peaceful relations with our country but the current ruling party categorically refuses to have normal relations with the northern neighbor. ”
Eka, Housewife, 28

“I think there is always a threat from Russia, but it still depends on our government – what they will do and how they will act in general.”
Tornike, Manager, 24

“Yes I think Russia will always threaten Georgia. Russia will always have the ambition to control Europe and this is something that is in the nature of this country. Dominating the world, this is what Putin wants.”
Laura, Pensioner, 71

“God save us from this… but I think that unfortunately the Russian threat will always exist in Georgia.”
Mariam, Student, 18

“I consider that war with Russia currently is in the interest of the Georgian government. At this moment any mess in the country is in the interest of the ruling power.”
Eduard, employed, 40