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What do you think on the recent special operation carried out by Georgian law enforcement? Do you think Georgia is facing a foreign threat?

Friday, August 31
“It is nice when the Government thinks about its people and is trying to protect their security. However, everyone should realize that we have a very dangerous enemy and when you are acting near its borders you should be careful. When I was watching television yesterday I was shocked as I am from Gori and all those events ongoing in my town are practically being resurrected.”
Teo, Housewife, 24

“I cannot call that a special operation what was going on there. It was killing people and nothing more and sending a positive message to Russia. One and the same happens in the pre-election period and people should think more about what is going on in reality…to my mind it was just a demonstration of forces and a staged show.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“Well, I do not really know what to say. There is a lot of controversial information. However, there are many things which are mysterious and no one gives an adequate response to them. There are things which raise doubts in me that this entire incident is staged or something like this. However, I hope that such kinds of events will not spoil our relations with the Caucasus nations, as am very afraid of their vendettas…”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

"I'm totally confused. Even though the operation is covered by all the media sources, people still do not have sufficient information on what is actually going on. All this seems to be another provocation, but still I think there is no actual foreign threat at the moment."
Tamar, Lawyer 24

I'm pretty sure the situation will be handled by our special forces and there will be no threat to our country. Also I would like to express my condolences to the families of victims.
Nana, Economist, 55

“Unfortunately my neighbor became the victim of the special operation but I am not familiar with the facts around the issue. We all knew everything about the Pankisi gorge when the situation was almost the same there, but this case remains a blur for everyone. I hope it has no political fall-out”
Ketevan, Lawyer, 25

“Actually it is like Pankisi gorge, just with more casualties. In Pankisi’s case, we knew what was going on in the ravine, while in this case they first fire then start to think.”
Lasha, Biologist, 31

“The fact that some unknown groups have entered Georgian territory scares me because I feel our border lacks protection. Moreover, as we do not yet know who these people are additionally confuses me. Sometimes I feel that it was a play staged by our government to attract people’s attention and make them sure that they are the only power which can avoid any threat. I wish it was not the truth because otherwise the ruling party will appear to be the worst team in the world playing with people’s trust and patience.”
Elene, Dramatist, 39