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6 conditions of Georgian Dream

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 3
On August 30, the leader of the opposition Georgia Dream, Bidzina Ivanishvili, put forth 6 preconditions the coalition demands from the ruling power. In the case that the preconditions are carried out, Ivanishvili promises that the coalition will recognize the outcomes of the parliamentary elections. However, those conditions are mainly targeted to the West rather than to the ruling administration. The coalition explained that if the elections are falsified the coalition might be forced to launch street rallies. Through raising the conditions, the opposition also indicated that it wishes the elections to be normally held.

Those preconditions are taken from the document which was initially created within the campaign "It Affects You" and which consisted of 17 points. The document reflected those norms of behavior of all political parties that should be protecting in pre-election period. Recently, the document was modified by the United National Movement and the 17 points were decreased to 4. The 4th and last point of the document read that political parties should take responsibility to recognize the elections results which will be confirmed by the Central Election Commission and independent foreign observing organizations.

Ivanishvili underscored that despite the damage the coalition has suffered during the previous 10 months, it is ready to recognize the elections if the following conditions are fulfilled by the government and normal pre -election environment is ensured in the final one month before the elections.

The demands are: To stop enforcement of all Georgian Dream-related fines and sanctions; to strike off dozens of millions of GEL from the Georgian Dreamís income and expenses;

To provide conditions for Georgians living abroad to vote , including through rescheduling Election Day if needed; not to disturb the distribution of satellite dish antennas; to ensure that a coalition representative will have a seat in Inter Agency Commissions and lastly, to set up mechanism for monitoring compliance with partiesí code of conduct.

The coalition claims that in the case that the preconditions are not fulfilled, it will be recognition from the ruling authoritiesí side that they do not support a free and transparent election environment. The coalition also emphasized that the only force the government might be influenced by is the international community.

The conditions have been criticized by the opposition parties- parliamentary minority, Christian-Democratic Movement and non parliamentary New Rights, which view the coalition Georgian Dream as a governmentís satellite political force.