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Compiled by Ana Robakidze
Monday, September 3
The first Parliament session to be opened by MP Gogi Ochiauri

As Pireveli reports, the first session of the future parliament will be opened by the eldest candidate from the UNM, Gogi Ochiauri.

He was a member of parliament when Zviad Gamsaxurdia was Georgia's president.

Gogi Ochiauri is not the only one from the family who is represented in the list of UNM, his daughter Khatuna is number 43 on the same list.

It is quite natural that Ochiauri is going to deliver the first speech, as according to the regulations, the eldest member of the parliament opens and leads the first session of the new parliament.

Kahka Mikaia: "Georgian law enforcements have secret camps is Skuri forest. Similar small camps are all over the territory of Samegrelo and Svaneti regions”

"There are police deployed in a camp, located in a forest near the village Skuri” says the representative of Defend Georgia Kahka Mikaia, in an interview with Rezonansi. The information was provided by the locals living in the Tsalenjikha region. Mikaia is requesting an official explanation from the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defence.

Mikaia attempted to visit the secret camp, together with journalists, but they were not given a chance to record any material. Officers from the camp simply asked them to leave the territory and refused to answer any questions. Several of them confirmed with Mikaia that they are police officers. However, it is still unclear which police department they represent.