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Based on what criteria do you choose a political party when you vote?

Monday, September 3
"I pay more attention to pre-election activities. At the same time, I take political parties former successes and failures into consideration.”
Natia, Facilitator, 34

“A political party I would vote for should consist of trusty and influential people. They should have a realistic vision, acceptable vision of solving problems and of course the resources to solve those problems,”
Anna, Journalist, 36

“I think that team type working style should be the leading characteristic in a political party. Justice should stand on the very highest place for them, and in this case I would vote for them.”
Eka, unemployed, 25

“It is the most important me the kind of values a political party has got and what is the party’s political course.”
Saba, Student, 18

“I mostly pay attention what members of the party have done for the country; their previous activities can be criteria for me”
Mary, Expert in International Cultural Relations, 25

“Program, concept and approach are most decisive factors for me. If a particular party or a candidate does not have a well-developed action plan, I will not vote for anyone at all.”
Nikoloz, Painter, 31

“I do not have “a favorite” political team but I absolutely dislike the ruling United National Movement and the course of action they have defined. I think what they do under the governance of President Saakashvili is total nonsense and it is high time to put a full stop to this regime. That is why I will vote for the Georgian Dream and for its leader - Bidzina Ivanishvili. I remember how Ivanishvili was being cherished not only the ordinary people but the UNM for his great deeds in the restoration of Georgian architect, and other such things. I respect him for not being politically ambitious and I deeply believe that he really wants all the best for Georgia. This is enough argument for me as a citizen of my country.”
Merab, Architect, 46