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Ukraine main exporter of firearms for South Caucasus countries

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 4
The UN roster pertaining to conventional arms stated that between the years of 2005- 2010, more than 100, 000 different types of firearms were purchased by S. Caucasus countries. According to the data Georgia is leading this list. During this period, Georgia bought more than 76, 000 units of firearms including automatic rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and pistols. The biggest exporter of these firearms is Ukraine, Bulgaria, USA, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey. A large portion of firearms purchased by Georgia is of Soviet standards. However, recently Georgia started purchasing NATO standard weapons (Barret and M4a3). In the same period Armenia purchased almost 21, 000 firearms of different type, mostly bought from Russia and Ukraine. Azerbaijan purchased up to 9,000 firearms during this period, mostly from Ukraine and Turkey. The leader of exporting firearms is Ukraine, and then comes the United States and Russia.