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Border customs checkpoints between Georgia and Russia controlled by Swiss company

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 4
On September 1, 2012, border customs checkpoints at Larsi, Psou (controlled by Abkhaz separatists) and Roki (controlled by South Ossetian separatists) between Georgia and Russia are being controlled by the Swiss company SGS. This agreement was achieved between Russia and Georgia and was sponsored by the international community as a deal in return for Georgia’s consent in Russia’s accession into the world Trade Organization (WTO). Switzerland played essential role between Moscow and Tbilisi, both of which agreed that a neutral private company will be registering and informing both sides about the cargo turnover in those checkpoints. The two parties will indicate the producer of routes, the exporter, weight and size, the recipient of goods and other technical details including the price and so on.

Georgian analysts have expressed their curiosity as to why nothing is said about air and sea access to separatist Abkhazia from Russia. Nothing has been mentioned so far in a reliable form how cargo entering Abkhazian territory from the sea and air would be controlled. Until this serious gap is regulated, the registration of good passing though Psou checkpoint to and from separatist Abkhazia becomes senseless.