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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, September 4
What is the aim of the Georgian Dream?

Spokesperson of United National Movement Chiora Taktakishvili, stated at a briefing, that the Georgian Dream Coalition is not participating in the free and fair elections, but rather has its sights set on civil unrest after elections.

According to her, these doubts were raised because of Bidzina Ivanishvili's "six-point" plan.

What is the aim of the Georgian Dream? Can Ivanishvili's requirements be looked at as the basis for post-election disorder? Rezonansi asked several within the community.

Ia Antadze (media expert): The Georgian Dream's strategy up until now has been very peaceful. After Georgia became independent, peaceful opposition to the government has never been this peaceful. If Chiora Taktaksihvili is trying to say that Ivanishvili’s appeal is to the foreign community I cannot agree. The appeal was for peaceful developments. In addition, there should be a neutral arbiter in the political field who can guarantee that everything will proceed peacefully.

Giga Lortkipanidze (Director): Of course, the country is in a very difficult situation. There are no fair pre-elections conditions... everything should be improved, and that's why they fight. I advise Chiora to become a politician first and then speak to other political forces.

Demur Giorkhelidze (political analyst): This is absurd. It is impossible to make such conclusions from the Georgian Dream's activities. I do not understand what kind of disorder they can create. Elections must be held in a fair and democratic fashion. And in this case I do not think anyone would object.

Such statements are just PR ploys. The ruling administration is not doing anything different against its opponents. Democratic elections are not a battle between death and life. Democratic elections are a rotation of staff and when the ruling power resists the changes it is very bad and because of this they do not get out of the crisis