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What does democracy mean to you?

Thursday, September 6
“Democracy is associated with freedom of speech and expression for me. In addition, I associate it with freedom of choice and all those key human rights values which should rank supreme in the modern world.”
Sophio, Reporter, 24

“Asia's view of democracy– when you do what you want; European view on democracy– when you do what is legal. I'm European and follow this motto!”
Nino, Social Worker, 28

“ When your rights are protected and not neglected and when you can express your opinion freely. Equality + equity = democracy.”
Niko, Writer, 31

“Democracy for me means freedom of expression, freedom of choice and representation in the parliament as well.”
Revaz, MA student, 23

“Democracy means when one is free and independent and can express his/her attitudes openly. Unfortunately such democracy does not exist in our country.”
Tato, Student, 22

“I think that democracy is a situation when people make the authorities balance its authority.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“Well, in my mind democracy might have one definite explanation. The major principles of democracy are freedom of choice and speech.”
Teona, Unemployed, 24