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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, September 13
Maestro satellites return

According to the Interagency Commission's decision, the Maestro Company's satellite ban has been lifted, Rezonansi writes. Satellite dishes will be distributed to the population provided however, that the antennas on behalf of Maestro are distributed via the Georgian Post.

Resonance addressed the public with the question of why they changed Maestro's satellite seizure. The government conceded due to international pressure. At the same time the authorities are trying to gain more public support in the two weeks left until the elections.

Nikusha Shengelaia (artist): of course the government conceded due to the international pressure and that's why they froze it. But now we learn that the Georgian Post must distribute dishes. Violence, lawlessness, bribing of people- this is the style of the government before the elections.

Demur Giorkhelidze (political analyst): The government has achieved its goal. Tens of thousands of families did not receive the information. They need to make political decisions and choices. So it is not easy. The goal has been achieved, during this time; people did not receive true information. Now it is possible to remove the ban, because just two weeks remain before the elections.

Abkhaz nationals from Syria returned to Abkhazia

13 families of Abkhazian origin were given houses in the Gulripshi region of separatist Abkhazia, Rezonansi reports. Another group is expected soon. Altogether 100 people from Syria will find their new homes in Abkhazia. Representative of the defacto Abkhazian government Tornike Kilanava mentioned that they did not possess the exact information on how many people arrived. As historian Gia Anchabadze stated, there are a couple of dozen families that have arrived so far.