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Would you like to watch those TV channels after the elections through your cable company you could not watch until Must Carry?

Thursday, September 13
"I would like to watch Maestro as well as TV 9 before and after the elections. I think the elections should not determine what kind of channels society watches. We should have an opportunity to be aware of all TV stations and we will decide what we want to watch and what we do not want."
Khatuna, Designer, 35

"Of course I want to and everyone would like to watch all TV channels whether they are pro opposition or pro government. Personally, I do not trust Imedi, Rustavi 2 and even Public Broadcaster. Most frequently I watch Maestro TV and it gives me a lot of information daily very impartially."
Marika, housewife, 59

"I refused to watch any TV channels a long time ago and I have no interest whether this or that TV will be on-air or not. You must be very patient to watch and listen to stupid political statements daily."
Giorgi, musician, 26

“Yes I want to have an opportunity to watch the TV channels added by must Carry obligation.”
Mari, Reporter, 23

“Yes, of course. I want the Must Carry continuation. I want to watch all TV channels and after watching them to make my own opinion.”
Rezo, Bank Employee, 22

“It is natural to want to watch all TV channels, when you watch governmental TV channels you also want to listen to oppositional channels as well. Only in this case one might have diverse information and the ability to assess situation better.”
Nini, Language Specialist, 24

“I want to watch all TV channels and it will be nice if we are enabled to watch them after the elections.”
Anna, Teacher, 27

“I support the idea. We should have the opportunity of getting diverse information.”
Irakli, Editor, 28

“Yes, there are some TV channels which I did not have before Must-Carry and which I watch to receive diverse information about the election processes in Georgia. I think it is natural that every cable operator should offer every TV channel to the population and not only during the elections but in general.”
Elene, Lawyer, 27