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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, September 14
“Misha, don’t be rude”

Yesterday young people protested against the President's recent aggressive statements. The action was held near the Presidential Residence, with the slogan - "Misha, don't be rude."

Human rights advocate Dachi Tsaguria and Youth Initiative Group demanded that the President restrain from making defamatory rhetoric against his political opponents because such expressions drastically impact society,

Dachi Tsaguria stated that the President does not surprise society with his unbalanced, coarse, totally inadequate expressions and vocabulary. With the election campaigns reaching a decisive phase, his rudeness has gone beyond the bounds of taste and decency.

In every speech during the last few days the President has spoken the language of hatred. Saakashvili is trying to preserve power and does everything to achieve this aim, including creating needless tension and manipulating people's emotions. Every arrogant expression by Saakashvili encourages violence in this country (Rezonansi)

Who Paid for Vake residents Egyptian Vacation?

United National Movement (UNM) majoritarian candidate for Vake George Karbelashvili's official website published photos of young Georgians vacationing in Hurghada, Egypt wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the number five and Karbelashivili''s nickname "Karbela". The number five is the UNM's ballot number for the upcoming elections.

When asked about the photographs Karbelashivili's press officer Teona Erkomaishvili responded that she possessed no information about this issue. (Kvela Siakhle)