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Monday, September 17
Registration of voters abroad is over

The registration period for all voters who reside in foreign countries is over. The list of the eligible voters abroad will be handed over to the State Commission for Ensuring Voter List Accuracy first and the commission will then send the lists to the Central Election Commission for final confirmation. 45 polling stations will be opened in various countries on the day of the parliamentary elections, on October 1, 2012. The polling stations have been cancelled in Iran and Jordan due to the insignificant number of Georgian voters residing in these countries.

According to the latest data, only 42,600 Georgian nationals registered in the foreign consulates abroad have the right to vote.
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President inspects construction site in Tskaltubo, Georgia

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili visited the town of Tskaltubo located in the Imereti region yesterday. The project envisions the reconstruction of buildings, small pedestrian bridges, the park, the cinema, the city hall, the municipality, the railway station, as well as the central part of the town. A decorative pool, as well as pergolas, courts, open cafes, bungalows, a pier and bicycle parking will be built in Tskaltubo Park. The town’s electricity and water supply systems will also be completely refurbished. Mikheil Saakashvili also met with the local residents of Tskaltubo yesterday. The president also delivered a speech in the center of the town.
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Latvian experts familiarized with work of State Audit Office

The State Audit Office hosted the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau of Latvia delegation. The visit was funded and supported by the European Union. During the week-long visit, Latvian experts were familiarized with the work carried out by the Department of the Financial Monitoring of Political Parties. They were introduced to the the electronic program of financial declarations, forms of financial accounting and cases of administrative violations.

The Latvian experts have held meetings at the Central Election Commission and the Tbilisi City Court. Meetings with opposition parties and non-governmental organizations were also held.
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PM, Employment Minister visited Social Service Agency

Prime Minister and State Minister for Employment visited the Social Service Agency, which is in charge of making unified electronic data base within the job seeker registration program of the government.

Vano Merabishvili and Paata Trapaidze were familiarized with the work of the agency and learnt the results currently made by the agency. The agency has already visited 73% of the families in Georgia and revealed the most requested professions, which are bank operator, accountant, medical nurse and teachers. The age group mostly seeking for jobs is from 36 to 55.

Prime Minister also observed the work of the agency call center, which is in charge of answering calls of the job seekers.

In October, the Agency will hand over the final data base to the office of the State Minister for Employment for further reaction.
(Rustavi 2)