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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, September 17
Will Ivanishvili’s statement influence people’s mood?

Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili is not excluding the dissolution of the coalition after the election. It is normal that after the election that the coalition could dissolve. Of course, it is possible and normal said Ivanishvili. Rezonansi has tried to find out public opinion concerning the issue.

Gogi Khoshtaria (art critic): The dissolution of the coalition does not mean that they confront each other. The difference between the parties in the coalition is clear: "Entrepreneurs", "Forum" and "Republicans" have different opinions. This is not tragic…..Though I don’t think it was necessary to say that now.

Lado Vardosanidze (architect): This statement will not change the people’s attitude towards the coalition. The coalition is so different that after the elections it will dissolve for sure.

Thier unification is determined by their protest.

Public broadcaster debates did not provide a chance for the competition and asking questions

Editor-in-chief of Liberali magazine Shorena Shaverdashvili, thinks that the debates between the candidates for PM was a staged show. The candidate’s relation should have been more interactive.

“The questions and answer regime must be of a higher quality. Static monologue presentation of the election program does not equal a debate,” Shaverdashvili notes. According to her it would be more watchable if there is more interaction and dispute between the candidates.

In the same article of Resonansi, head of the political technologies centre Kakhi Kakhishvili, agreed that this was a stage show where participants simply promoted their parties. “These were not debates. Debates are when participants ask each other questions. This debate served to promote their personal positions. “Debates mean a completely different format when people do not advertise themselves and their parties, but when important questions are asked and politicians must answer them. Yesterday, in fact, it was presentation of their political subjects,” Kakhishvili said.