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How much do you spend on average for your children’s back-to-school supplies?

Monday, September 17
“I have two children and they both study over eight subjects each. The maximal cost of a manual is GEL 10 it means that I spend over 160 GEL for their books only, but they also need pens, pencils, and other things for their classes.”
Nona, Housewife, 47

“I do not personally have a child yet, but I often accompany my sister to school fairs to buy school supplies for my niece. School manuals are being changed from year to year so that you cannot use the book of your elder relative or a neighbor even if he or she studies at the same school. I personally discourage this fact because when I was a small girl I used my sister’s books and the material was quite interesting..”
Elene, Dentist, 27

“I am on the list of people below the poverty line so the state provides my child with books. Otherwise it would be very hard for me to get all the books, because GEL 10 is not little money when a child has 6 and 7 subjects a year.”
Levan, Taxi Driver, 39

“To tell the truth I cannot say exactly, as I have no children and I currently do not have to buy books for them. However, my relative has two small children and she says the process is quite expensive– nearly GEL 300 for her.”
Anna, Journalist, 31

“I have to spend nearly GEL 300 in my child’s school books and some other supplies, everything is very expensive.”
Eka, doctor, 25

“Unfortunately I cannot respond to the question. Currently I am looking for a bride, and only after could I possibly answer this question.”
Bachana, 23

“I can’t say exactly, but I think that the price depends on the age. Books of upper forms are probably more expensive to my mind.”
Nino, Language specialist, 24