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Tuesday, September 18
Reconstructed town Kvareli opens in Kakheti, Georgia

Another reconstructed town opened in Georgia yesterday. Various events took place in the town of Kvareli in the Kakheti region in Eastern Georgia. President Saakashvili also arrived in the town, where he opened several new facilities.

Streets are open to the public since morning. Tourists are also visiting the town.

Local residents and guests are able to taste Kakhetian foods and wine in the streets or buy souvenirs at the exhibition of handmade crafts.

In the evening, a Georgian folk ensemble is expected to perform a concert.

A Public Service Hall of the ministry of justice also opened in Kvareil. The new facility which has been designed by a Georgian architect employs 25 local residents.

The Kvareli Public Service Hall is able to offer over 250 kinds of service to citizens. Along with it, a new justice training center has also opened in the town.
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PM opens new police office in Tsageri

A new police station has been opened in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region– the Tsageri regional division has taken office in a new building. 25 officers work in the new station equipped with modern amenities. The officers will serve 54 villages within the region. Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili arrived in the Tsageri municipality today to open the new police office.

8 new buildings have already been opened in the region, and 4 more stations are planned to be opened in the near future.
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Georgian Dream coalition presents economic program

Bidzina Ivanishvili held a presentation revealing the Georgian Dream's economic program within the project Transparency International - Georgia. The priorities of the coalition are: de-politicization of business, development of business and education and investment of one billion GEL in the development of agriculture. "Our key task is to overcome the poverty which troubles the country today and to reduce the level of unemployment that is so painful in the country today. We are going to take serious steps and it will be the de-politicization of business, to create a fair judiciary and the investment of one billion GEL in the development of the agricultural sector," the representatives of the coalition said.
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Incident in village of Kvaliti

An incident occurred in the village of Kvaliti, located in the Zestaphoni municipality, in which the police have already launched an investigation. Activist of the Georgian Dream coalition had an argument with journalist from RealTV, which came to the village to cover the video conference of the coalition leader's broadcast on TV 9. The clash between the journalist and the opposition coalition activist was caused by the question put by the journalist, who says she was accused not only by the opposition party member, but also by her colleague from TV9.

Police have already interrogated the persons involved in the incident.
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Emigrants return to Georgia to vote

Georgian emigrants, who faced difficulties participating in the elections, have returned to Georgia via the Sarpi border checkpoint. As an InterPressNews correspondent reports from Sarpi, emigrants from Italy, the United States, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Greece and France returned on two buses; there are about 100 people.

Emigrants symbolically brought satellite antennas back with them. As the immigrants emphasize, they brought satellite antennas for their relatives so that a source of information was not killed. They explained that they faced problems concerning their participation in the elections and so decided to return to Georgia. The emigrants will hold a rally at the House of Justice in Batumi to protest the fact that they were not allowed to vote abroad.

Edgar Rinkevich: pre-election poll results can sometimes differ

Sometimes the pre-election poll results differ significantly from the actual ones, said the Latvian Foreign Minister, Edgar Rinkevich at yesterday’s press conference. Rinkevich made this statement after journalists asked him to comment on the results of the parliamentary elections-related surveys, which had been recently made public. According to the Latvian Foreign Minister, the polling inquiry is a legitimate right, but the most important thing is that the results will come after the elections. The Czech Foreign Minister, Karel Schwarzenberg jokingly said that if he had paid great attention to the pre-election polls, he would not be in politics.

Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze said the fact that the Georgian government invited international observers to the elections 7 months before the elections, means that none of the political parties should have questions regarding the elections.

School year 2012-2013 begins

Yesterday, the 2012-2013 school began at every public school in Georgia. Universities have also started classes. Every first-year student will be presented with net books within the presidential program. The net books include the games for the beginner students, which correspond with the teaching programs. Over 140 thousand students from the families of various categories will be given text-books. The text-books will be sold in 400 schools of Georgia, the list of which is published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. The maximum price of each book is 10 GEL. There is one more novelty in schools - the teachers will have electronic registration books.
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Health Minister visits State Medical University

The Minister of Health and Social Care of Georgia visited the State Medical University to congratulate the students on the beginning of the new academic year.

Zurab Tchiaberashvili met with first-year students and talked about the ongoing reforms and new challenges in the health care system.

The minister also focused on the need of having high-professional medical staff.

Over one-thousand entrants are enrolled in the State Medical University this year, 400 of them are foreigners.
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