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How would you assess the situation in Georgian schools? Are you satisfied with the knowledge the school provides to your children?

Tuesday, September 18
“No, I am not satisfied. Children have to hire private teachers to prepare for university exams, but all they have to know for those exams is within the school program. That means they don't teach children properly.”
Lali, Reporter, 24

“In my opinion, Georgian teachers are trying to provide more knowledge to the schoolchildren but the other problem is inside the children. Some are very lazy and parents also do not pay attention how she or he studies. What can the teacher do in that case? Teachers can explain the lesson, can provide additional materials, but if the children are not motivated, no one can give them sufficient knowledge.”
Meri, housewife, 54

“No, I am not satisfied with the knowledge that today’s school provide to our children. Education in old times was more effective and basic.”
Tornike, Economist, 23

“Well, I am quite satisfied with the current decision that students have to study all subjects if they want to pass their university exams. I think that the change will promote a better situation in Georgian schools. However, I disagree on having too high of a price on books, as there is a very hard economic situation in the country and families have no material means to buy books for their children.”
Tato, employed, 22

“I think that the schools are OK. Nowadays, I am satisfied with what teachers do in order to give knowledge to their children, but I am not satisfied with what our government does for teachers.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“My kids used to go to public schools for several years. Then I realized that the teaching process was unsatisfactory and the level of knowledge was low. I have taken them to one of the private schools and I am very satisfied now. I cannot say what the problem was there, I think teachers at public schools are less motivated to deliver good lessons, the reason might be low salaries, disrespect from the school administration etc.”
Giorgi, Marketing Manager, 36