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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, September 19
How fair are the students' demands?

The students union, known as Laboratory 1918, held a protest rally in front of Tbilisi State University (TSU) on the first day of the new academic semester on September 17. Opposed to the dismissal of professors “on a political basis,” the students expressed their mistrust towards Alexander Kvitashvili, the head of TSU under the slogan "University for Students and Freedom to University." Students also expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the quality of education and its high price.

Rezonansi asked: How fair are the students' demands.

Rezo Mishveladze, writer: I am glad that the TSU students expressed their protest, as I understand them very well. It is their pure protest and it does not have a political background. I remember in 2006 when the authorities dismissed a number of professors due to the same reason – political orientation. This is an unpardonable action of the government. Now I am glad that students stood next to the unlawfully dismissed staff and encourage them.”

Giga Lortkipanidze, director: I find their demands very fair; this is the struggle of those people who want proper education and justice at the universities. I support them and I believe those demands will sooner or later be accomplished.

Why Sandro Bregadze refused Ivanishvili’s order

PrimeTime writes that leader of the political movement Nationals, Sandro Bregadze, has refused Ivanishvili’s request to put him on the election list of the Georgian Dream coalition.

“Do not kill and confront each other due to the election lists. I have refused the offer to put me on the election list,” Bregadze posted the statement on Facebook recently, although the reason of his refusal remained unknown.

In his interview to PrimeTime, Bregadze explained the reason of his refusal. “Yes, I had an offer from the coalition leader Ivanishvili, but I rejected it. By such action we would like to show an example to our opponents that to be the MP is not a main factor, the main factor is to set democracy and justice in the country,” Bregadze commented, adding that one of his allies Paata Baratashvili also received an offer but he refused. Bregadze highlighted that his movement stands on one position.