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Do you think the election results should be accepted by all political forces?

Wednesday, September 19
“I think that all political parties will have to recognize the election outcome if they are confirmed by the international organizations.”
Revaz, Manager, 23

“In general I think that the elections will be faked by the National Movement. This fact will be protested by the opposition parties as well and they will necessarily state that the elections were falsified. Street rallies are possible in my mind.”
Tati, translator, 22

“Well, in general it should. However, I do not think that all parties will confirm the results…. For example, the Labour party states that the main players the UNM and Georgian Dream agree concerning the outcomes and if one of the parties succeed, the Labour Party will say that the elections were falsified.”
Davit, Student, 19

“I think the election environment is so complicated in Georgia that you can hardly trust its results. There are a lot of technologies available for falsifying exams in the modern century and I am sure the ruling party will do its best to use them for success.”
Eka, Sociologist, 28

“Elections in every country are stressful and sometimes even controversial – some wins others lose - we should be ready to accept any results but if any party will be disappointed and think that they deserve to win despite their low rating they can act in the frames of the law and oppose the falsification.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 36

Well if we end up with fair results, yes they should be accepted by all. However, considering the current situation in the country this is doubtful.
Nick, Student. 23