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Differences between average salary and pension

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 20
There is a big difference between salary and the pensions of public servants in Georgia compared to its neighbors Azerbaijan and Armenia. The average salary of a minister in Georgia is around GEL 2, 500; in Russia over GEL 3, 100; salaries in Azerbaijan are about 4500 Gel and in Armenia about GEL 1, 225. As for the average pension, in Georgia the average pension is GEL 100, in Armenia GEL 130, in Azerbaijan GEL 330 and in Russia about GEL 540. Officially, the Georgian President monthly receives GEL 4, 720, Prime Minister GEL 4, 250; MP receives around GEL 2, 000 monthly. To compare Russian prime minister GEL 10 000 and the president received more than 12 000 GEL, according to the recent data.