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What do you think of the videos that reveal prisoner torture in Gldani prison? Do you think the information might have an influence on the current government’s rating?

Thursday, September 20
“I think that those video materials have already made a serious influence in public. I consider that that video footage has imposed a protest in each Georgian.”
Revaz, MA Student, 22

“What can I say? What I have seen is really awful. The videos have imposed anger in Georgia and protest. It is impossible to watch those videos indifferently. The rating of the National Movement will be significantly reduced after the fact.”
Tekla, Pupil, 17

“I think that it will reduce the rating of the National Movement in Tbilisi. However, the situation will be the same concerning the Georgian regions. The government controlled TV channels are trying their best to display the situation differently.”
Davit, Journalist, 45

"Prison system is under the direct control of the government, they are responsible so the incident will not benefit their popularity for sure."
Nino, Dentist, 47

“It will definitely affect the rating of the ruling party but I think some other “bastard” will use this situation. We all have heard of the hard conditions at Georgian prisons but it was impossible to prove with facts. It seemed to me so disgusting!”
Gizo, Translator, 31

“The video footage where the prisoners are being tortured is a great shame for Saakashvili’s “successful reforms” and democracy! It is unimaginable that the ruling party claims they were not aware of anything! I do not want to live in a country where people’s rights are being trampled down.”
Mari, Journalist, 23

“Yes, of course it will have a straight influence on the political rating of the ruling party because it was their responsibility to ensure safety at prisons.”
Tornke, Manager, 26

“It's a very sensitive topic and even a little bit more information or event might turn the situation back or find the way to the opposite direction. So far UNM may lose votes but, it doesn't mean that Georgian Dream will get it...”
Zakaria, Media Analyst, 34