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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, September 21
How should the authorities react after the Gldani prison scandal?

On Tuesday video footage showing inmates at Gldani Prison being tortured and raped shocked the public. Yesterday protests were going all day long in the streets of Tbilisi. Rezonansi asked the public: How should the authorities react after the Gldani prison scandal?

Levan Gvinjilia (philologist): The President described the incident as a failure of the system, but nevertheless, we should not expect that he will resign. Officials made improbable comments, the President and the Chairman of Parliament repeated the same thing. The president said he is alarmed and angry, the Chairman of Parliament the same thing in reverse- angry and concerned.

Nanuli Sarajishvili (actress): I cannot find the words to describe how furious I am. How is it possible for me to keep quiet after seeing this footage? I want to thank the young people who came out yesterday and protested. I find Khatuna Kalmakhelidze's resignation funny. Everyone should resign. All this was happening, and no one knew about it? I can't believe it. Iíve never heard or seen such a thing Where did they grow up, or do not they have a mother or father or a family?

David Okitashvili (Artists' Union President): I am surprised and indignant. How can one insult another? They have families, and children watch it. Everybody who is guilty should be punished.