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Do you think Giorgi Tugushi's appointment as Minister of Corrections will change anything in the penitentiary system?

Friday, September 21
“Yes I am quite sure that Giorgi Tughushi will be a good head of the penitentiary system as I know many good things about this person...I respect him and believe that he will not be affected and influenced by the President and his team.”
Sopho, Social Worker, 24

“Well, I have no idea what kind of minister he will be as I have no information concerning his former activities. One thing I demand is that all the ministers and government must resign.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“I cannot say beforehand how Tughushi will get rid of the prison systems' problems… what has happened within the system was really awful. I could not imagine that such kinds of violations might happen in any civilized country…”
Teona, Language specialist, 24

“No, I was really disappointed with Tugushi’s decision. I think he should have rejected Saakashvili’s offer and discouraged the criminal government.”
Keti, PP Specialist, 28

“Tugushi has never been a real public defender. But now he has 10 days for making reforms before the parliamentary elections so I don't believe in great changes.”
Mari, MA Student, 23

“If the current government stays in power after October 1st, and Tugushi will remain the minister then something may improve in the system but if Saakashvili’s government loses we will have more chances for success in every direction.”
Mikheil, Driver, 51