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Did you join the recent protest rallies? If not, why?

Monday, September 24
I did join the protest, because what we have seen on the video is simply terrific, the whole system needs to be blamed.
Dato, 25, IT

Absolutely, everyone should join the rallies, and those who had the right to make decisions but failed, have to resign and brought to justice. I’m talking about Saakashvili, Akhalaia, Merabishvili and all others involved.
Dimitri, 25, Auditor

I have joined the rallies because we have to stop the torture in the country. We believe in human right and in dignity. The government has a negative as well as a positive duty to protect human rights in the country and they have failed. Also, we (protesters) demand that the suspects take political as well as legal responsibility for what they have committed.
Saba 25, Lawyer

“Yes I did, I will attend the rallies.”
Nino, Teacher, 25

“I absolutely agree with the aspiration of the street rallies and consider that everyone should participate. I attended the street rallies as a journalist however.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I have not decided to attend or not, due to my working day. In general, I have already expressed my negative assessment on what has happened in the Georgian prisons. Ask me on participation after September 29…”
Giga, a company employee, 39

“Of course I gathered for the street rallies. I consider that everyone should express protest on what has occurred regarding the inmates. I do not want such kind of violence in my country.”
Teko, Pupil, 17

“I did not gather, as I think that the problem cannot be solved through street rallies.”
Mano, employed, 28