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Pre-election economic indicators

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 25
It is understandable that the major focus of many pre-election campaigns is placed on economic factors. The economic issue influences the election process and everybody is interested in how the various parties develop their economic policy. On the one hand, it is an indicator of the growth of the political culture in Georgia. Simple and primitive promises are substituted by economic programs based on the calculated opinions of the population and the opinion of the country as a whole. The various political parties mostly consider the demands of the people. The most pressing issue in the economic development of the country is the creation of jobs, the accessibility of medical services, an increase of pensions, inflation issues and education.

It should be mentioned that just the fact that Georgia is holding parliamentary elections is influencing the economic development of the country as well. Some analysts suggest that whoever wins the elections and in particular, if the current administration wins, pressure on business will further increase. The reason for such an assumption is the fact that big money is being spent on the election process. However, all parties claim that they will facilitate the development of business. The immediate impact of the elections on the economic condition of the country is that fewer investments are coming into the country, because investors are cautious and have a great interest in what will happen after the elections. As some analysts predict, as soon as the elections are over, the price on bread will go up.

All analysts are unanimous to suggest that much depends on how peacefully the election process is. Stable transitions create a favorable climate for investors both foreign and local. Of course the stakes in these elections are very high. For the ruling party, victory will mean continuing its major course under the current leadership, whereas a victory by the opposition will introduce major changes– particularly in Georgia’s economic direction.

Many analysts suggest that in the case the opposition attains a victory; billionaire Ivanishvili should be able to create paradise in the country. Some skeptics however think the transition will be painful and organizing of the country will take much effort, in particular in the situation where all the parties attempt to distribute their populistic promises.