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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, September 25
Will the ruling party repair its reputation?

The public has not stopped protesting about torture and the inhumane treatment of prisoners. After all this, the president is still in his usual role. He is still opening buildings and criticizing opponents. Will the ruling team manage to restore its reputation before the election date? Entire Week newspaper asked society.

Lasha Bughadze (writer): I think they will not be able to, because Saakashvili’s rating is heading down and he is the symbol of the National Movement and if the ruling party wants to maintain some form, they should separate from Saakashvili.

Ia Macharashvili (composer): Unfortunately, in such critical moments, they manage some things; let’s see what they will do.

But I am afraid of bloodshed, because when some people do not want to give up this or that place, it goes without saying that the confrontation begins. As a rule, the battle ends in victory of someone, and that's what I'm afraid of people who suffer during confrontation.

Azeri tourists spends more

Azeri tourists spend more than other tourists in Georgia. Tourism season continues in Georgia, but people employed in the sector can already evaluate how successful this season was for them. Owners of guesthouses are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the 2012 summer season. The Georgian National Tourism Agency thinks it was successful season. Experts think that government should not only orient on the tourism sector as it may become dangerous to admit tourism season as one key priority for the state.

Tamaz Gogiberidze from the tourist association of Kobuleti said that overall, the number of tourists has increased. Though in August, due to rains, there were fewer tourists. He also mentioned that Azeri tourists spend more money than Georgian and Armenians

According to the Adjara Tourism Department, from January to August of 2012, Adjara was visited by 1.3 million tourists (30%higher than in the previous year). Adjara expects 2 million tourists by the end of the year