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Do you feel that the reaction of Georgia’s western partners responded adequately to the Georgian prison scandal?

Tuesday, September 25
“I think that the international reaction was not enough. I even consider that only a "reaction" means nothing. The international community must demand punishment of those who were involved in these acts of brutality. International organizations and western countries are capable of having an influence on the government.”
Levan, Student, 20

“I have not heard any concrete and/or complete reactions. As usual, they do not make adequate reactions.”
Nino, Facilitator, 24

“I have not heard about the international reaction. However, international reactions mean nothing today.”
Revaz, MA Student, 22

“Unfortunately I have not heard how the international community assesses the Georgian prison scandal.”
Tato, Translator, 21

“I beleive that there has been enough pressure on the government for the scandal so that any step further on the part of the West can mount to a support for the opposition, which is not what the West seems to be willing to do.”
Albert, Economist, 25

“They are concerned as usual – this is what we are used to listening to regarding their statements but nothing more. I think they should be stricter and demand that the Georgian government allow the international conventions in which the country is involved.”
Lali, Journalist, 23

“Probably the reaction was adequate, but not sufficient. The Western partners are shocked and constantly expressed their indignation, but no active steps have been taken so far.”
Anne, Scientist, 46

Yes, I think the reaction of the West was absolutely adequate; they had already issued several recommendations on Human Rights in Georgia, so now it is all up to our government.
David, Web designer, 32