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Thursday, September 27
Ilia II speaks about prisoners

The Patriarchate of Georgia has released information about a meeting between Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia ll and students of the spiritual academy and other educational establishments. "Some say that people, who are torturing prisoners, are justifying themselves by saying that the prisoners are murderers. I warned Khatuna Kalmakhelidze several times not to torture prisoners and to be like a mother to them, but it seems it was not enough and they still continued to do terrible things. The person, which does this, has no justification. This is the greatest sin. If people, who commit this terrible sin, do not repent, their offspring will be punished," the Patriarch said at the meeting."There are now new prisoners. I want to call on the government to release the prisoners and also sick ones, because it creates new resistance, new wave, new hostility," the Patriarch said. (IPN)

Philip Dimitrov says situation is very competitive in Georgia

EU ambassador to Georgia Philip Dimitrov says the situation has never been so competitive in Georgia prior to elections as it is today. Dimitrov was invited to a political talk-show Main Question which was broadcast on TV 9 Channel on Monday. Dimitrov said there were many reasons that allowed him say that the elections will be free and fair on October 1.

"I don`t think that you should be expecting from Georgia to arrange revolutions every ten years and I hope that it will not happen, because you have chosen a way, which is very strong and very hard at the same time, You cannot start from the beginning all the time," Dimitrov said.

He also emphasized the EU would grow the number of monitors on the day of elections. He also said the reason that made the pre-election environment so competitive today is the availability of information. (Rustavi 2)

President opens new professional development college in Gldani

President Saakashvili has opened a new professional development college in the Gldani district of Tbilisi yesterday. Saakashvili said he had just arrived from New York and nothing could make him happier than opening a new college.

According to him, opening a professional training center was the best way for reducing unemployment in Georgia. He said that according to current statistics, graduates of such professional centers usually found jobs no later than a month after graduation.

He also said that he has a symbolic office in the center as he plans to manage the college personally.

"I will come here more frequently than to my vineyard, because the harvest of this college is more important," Saakashvili said.

Education Minister Khatia Dekanoidze attended the presentation too. (Rustavi 2)

Speaker meets with foreign diplomats

Chairperson of the parliament of Georgia Davit Bakradze met with accredited diplomats in Georgia and discussed the pre-election situation and political processes in the country. Davit Barkadze assessed the situation in Georgia as "polarized" and the role of the international observatory missions in these processes. "It is very important that international society was intensively involved in these elections, as this is one of the guarantees and conditions that elections will be conducted in a peaceful and democratic environment. Therefore, we want to have close cooperation with our foreign partners," Davit Bakradze said. (Rustavi 2)

Athletes protest against the torture of prisoners

Acting and veteran athletes, as well as athletic supporters, are protesting against the torture and abuse of inmates. They are assembling in front of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the Basketball Academy and the Football Federation. The sportsmen will make a joint statement in which they will condemn the violence. Later, the sportsmen will move to the university, where they will join the studentsí rally. (IPN)