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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, September 27
How trusted is the video footage released by the Prosecutorís office

Georgiaís Prosecutorís Office accuses Director Goga Khanidrava in cooperation with the thieves in law. They released video footage which shows video and photos of their meeting.

Rezonansi became interested what people think about the video footage.

Rezo Chkheidze (Director): This is wrong, He was always fighting to protect the interests of Georgia, and I do not believe that Goga Khaindrava is involved in any criminal history. I think that this story was invented. The government wants to rid him from the arena, because he was telling the truth. Torturing people in prison is a grave crime. The government is using everything against the people; they are trying different ways to scare people.

Giga Nasaridze (Georgia is Not for Sale founder): In my opinion, the prosecutor's statement is reliable. There are very few of those people who do not trust. Reliability is further increased by the fact that this material is official, which was sent by the French gendarmerie.

Gogi Toradze (Director): "So many things have happened in these last days that I cannot trust anyone. This fact that Khaindrava negotiated with the criminal authorities, is very hard to believe. The footage that we have seen in the past few days was so shocking that I cannot trust them.

Doubts of Zurab Zhvania's widow

According Kvela Siakhle, Nino Kadagidze, widow of late Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, suspects Akhalaia and his team in the death of her husband. She said that she was not saying much because of fear for her family. She also mentioned that President Saakashvili has personally deteriorated much. She thinks that the elections should decide many things.