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What should Georgian people do to prevent the country from further confrontation?

Thursday, September 27
“This question bothers me too much… first of all I consider that Georgians should be as careful as possible in pre election or post elections period.”
Teo, Housewife, 24

“ I think that each citizen should think on their own problems and the ways how they can solve the problems. In this case they would not have time to be involved in some provocations. A man should not wait for others who might solve their problems, as no one would solve your problems.”
Nika, cameraman, 22

“ I think that everyone should express protest and condemn those illegalities which are being carried out in the country by the ruling party. People should defeat fright and go against injustice.”
Mzia, Teacher, 50

“They should go to the elections and make their own choice there.”
Lali, Reporter, 23

“During these several days I have experienced the power of unity among the people and I think by expressing our protest against the violence but struggling for peace we will avoid any confrontation and ensure peace.”
Irakli, Football Player, 28

“It is too difficult not to be in action today but I think they should take part in election I think calmly and without demonstrations.”
Irina, Editor, 32