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What do you think about the war of compromising material, i.e. secret video and audio footage spread in recent days? Do you trust them?

Friday, September 28
I don't even know, I'm confused.
Lali, Reporter, 23

I trust them. If it is not true then our government will make a statement denouncing them."
Ninia, MA Student, 26

I'm afraid that my secret videos will appear soon.
Irina, Editor, 34

Well, those videos tell nothing for me now. Even if they are true, it carries no serious importance for me.
Sophio, Social worker, 24

I do not believe them. How can I believe them when since coming to power the government has deceived us?
Ana, employed, 35

I do not believe in audio materials as they are easy to fabricate, as for video materials I do believe them.
Nino, Journalist, 26

We have been bombarded with all these videos, which is really strange. I just wonder why this material has not been brought to light earlier. I cannot be sure about the authenticity either, the footage can be real or fake, I cant tell.
David, Engineer, 48

Im waiting for law enforcement to take necessary steps in response. If this video material is real then many people will need to be brought to justice.
Lali, Student , 20