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Throngs crowd Freedom Square in support of the Georgian Dream coalition

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, October 1
The opposition Georgian Dream coalition ended its pre-election campaign with a large-scale street rally on September 29 in Tbilisi and in Kutaisi.

Freedom square and all adjacent streets were crowded with the supporters of the opposition coalition in Tbilisi.

In his speech, Ivanishvili addressed policemen, soldiers, teachers, state employees and veterans. The opposition leader asked them to act based on their interests and to not be frightened by the threats of the current government.

“Georgians have already said no to violence, injustice and lies. I warn to all, do not dare to play with public patience… you will not have to cheat Georgians with staged lies,” Ivanishvili stated.

The coalition leader highlighted that the United National Movement has no chance in the elections as the ruling party is already disfavored by both Georgians and international community due to its “inhuman actions.”

Ivanishvili emphasized that the aim of the coalition is the building of a democratic, European-style state where criminals will never be encouraged and where all nations are respected.

“No one believes in the lies of the government, no one believes that the coalition will return the state to the past or encourage criminals in the country,” Ivanishvili said.

The coalition leader highlighted that winning the election is equal to Georgians’ victory which will provide the country with the following advantages:

The formation of the country will be based on real democracy, where justice and human dignity stands on the highest place; the coalition will open free of charge schools and the kindergartens in all Georgian villages; the collation will address agriculture and farmers, a fund with 1 billion GEL will be created for the aim; the coalition will establish just and real tariffs and not such inadequate ones set by the current Georgian government.