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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, October 1
Former head of Chamber of Control on TV

Rezonansi writes that after a long time, the ex- head of the Chamber of Control of Georgia Sulkhan Molashvili, appeared on a Channel 9 talk show. Molashvili responded to the prison scandal in Georgia and said he was one of the victims of prison abuse and torture when he was in the prison of Georgia. Molashvili named three officials who ordered his abuse saying that he was tortured on the first day of his arrest.

“When the series of arrests began, I did not escape. When they detained me they tortured me on the first day. The room was dark but I have found out who was participating in this action. They were Giga Bokeria [National Security Council Secretary]; Zurab Adeishvili [Minister of Justice] and Goga Grigalashvili [police official],” Molashvili says.

Teachers were forced to attend rally

On the National Stadium the United National Movement party congress was held and people from all of Georgia were invited to attend it. All public service employees, school teachers and students were forced to attend, writes newspaper Rezonansi.

One of Kakheti's Georgian language teachers in a rural school, Ms. Lia, told us that they left them without a choice. She says that they all were forced to come. Such were the circumstances not only in Kakheti, but also in other districts. We saw people from Svaneti and Adjara too, notes the edition.

One teacher from the Zugdidi region who asked not to publish her name or place of her work, said that she was forced by the director of the school who said either you travel to Tbilisi or quit your job. I have a small baby at home so I had no choice. They brought us for applauding. When some time ago Saakashvili was in Zugdidi, there was a similar situation. I understand the director as well can lose his job if they do not do what he is asked.