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How do you think the votes will be distributed in today’s elections?

Monday, October 1
“It is hard to make any prognoses. The whole nation is very agitated and waiting for the final results, so am I. At this stage, I cannot say for sure which party will win the elections. Results will show everything. My only wish is that my country to be successful and prosperous. Let's see.”
Soso, student, 19

“I am totally sure that the Georgian Dream will take the majority of votes because its leader Bidzina Ivanishvili has proved his patriotism to Georgian people and he will make their dreams come true.”
Elene, MA Student, 24

“The ruling party has suffered a lot in recent period and they look furious about their possible defeat. I guess it will be really hard to move from the ruling positions to the opposition, but if they want to prove that there is real democracy in Georgia, they better give up and stop intimidating society. If they will not falsify the elections I think the Georgian Dream coalition will get 85% of votes.”
Nikoloz, Guitar Player, 37

“Well, we have 150 seats in the parliament and to my mind those seats will be divided between UNM and Georgian Dream, although I cannot predict which of them will be in majority, I still think that ruling UNM will maintain their power in the parliament.”
Eka, Sales Manager, 41

“I think the Georgian Dream will get the highest rate, the ruling party will be the second followed by the Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM) and the New Rights.”
Lali, Reporter, 23

“I am glad there is no distinguished leading party in the Georgian politics and accordingly the votes will be divided almost equally. This will prevent us to have one party parliament which appeared to be very unsuccessful and shameful. One is obvious; we should all come to the elections and vote for our favorite party.”
Zura, musician, 28

It’s really hard to predict the results; both, the ruling party and Georgian Dream have a large number of supporters in the country. If the elections will be fair, I think the Georgian Dream will take the majority of the seats in the new Parliament.
Sophio, customer care expert, 30

“If the election will be fair I think the Georgian Dream will get 60-65% of votes.”
Tornike, Manager, 36