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Hazel nuts export

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, October 2
Among the agricultural products exported from Georgia, hazel nuts comprise up to 4% of the entire agricultural export. In 2011, 50 thousand tons of hazel nuts were gathered, but this year the yield will be less. The local market consumes a very small amount of hazel nuts. The nuts are mostly exported to European and Asian markets. Georgian hazel nuts go to Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, France, and Belgium. This year, some shipments of hazel nuts went to the Russian market. Up to 50 companies are involved in exporting Georgian hazel nuts. The biggest producer of hazel nuts is Turkey which satisfies 75% of world's demand. It would be very profitable for Georgia if it satisfies 10% of the world market. Europeans pay $5 for 1 kg of the Georgian hazel nut; in Russia the price is $7; the local price of 1kg is GEL 3.