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Tuesday, October 2
NATO Secretary General comments on Georgian elections

"The elections in Georgia are indeed very important, for Georgia of course first and foremost, but furthermore, the parliamentary elections this year, as well as the presidential elections next year are a litmus test of the way democracy works in Georgia, so allies are following the elections very closely, I had an opportunity to discuss the elections with the Georgian political leadership, when I visited Georgia some weeks ago, and Iím impressed by the preparations of the elections.

Iím sure that the Georgian authorities do all they can to ensure that the elections will be free, fair and transparent. In that respect, I appreciate that the Georgian government has invited so many international observers to monitor the elections, including members of the NATO PA, so we congratulate Georgia on the elections; elections are of course an essential part of a well-functioning democracy, so today is really a day to celebrate."

President observed elections in several cities

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili observed the voting process in several cities of Georgia. After voting in Tbilisi, Mikheil Saakashvili traveled to Kutaisi, Mestia, Ambrolauri and Khashuri. In Mestia, together with the governor of Mestia, Ilia Japharidze, Mikheil Saakashvili visited two polling stations and talked with the crowed assembled outside. The President said that despite the elections, there are tourists in the streets of Mestia, which is very important for the development of tourism in this resort. Mikheil Saakashvili took photos with foreign tourists.
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Interagency commission assesses conduct of elections positively

The Interagency Commission for Free and Fair Elections has made its first official assessment of the conduct of the parliamentary elections yesterday. Tamar Kintsurashvili told journalists that the elections were conducted in peaceful and quiet environment in general.

Kintsurashvili also spoke about the violations revealed during the process of the vote. However, she added any violations or irregularities were promptly uprooted and responded to by the CEC. She emphasized the number of international observers.

Kintsurashvili said the commission had opened a hotline, on which calls were received not only from political subjects participating in the elections, but from voters as well. She said several violation tendencies were revealed during the polls so far. These included lack of ballots, which was addressed by the CEC, the confusion of seals and the attempt of some candidates to enter the polling station, which is forbidden by law.
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CEVLA head invites opposition to his office

Chairperson of the Commission for Ensuring Voter List Accuracy, Mamuka Katsitadze, has invited representatives of the opposition party to his office to monitor the situation there and confirm that there are no special task units inside. Some opposition figures asserted yesterday that a tunnel has been dug between the CEC and the CEVLA, through which the special task unit officers intended to enter the office and carry out the measures for rigging elections.

Katsitadze downplays the allegations saying the commission is involved only in the process of ensuring the voter list. The CEVLA has sent 32 observers to different polling stations, who should check to see that the list of the CEC coincides with the list of the voters provided by the CEVLA.
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Eduard Shevardnadze Votes in Krtsansi

The former President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze voted at his Krtsanisi residence, head of Shevardnadzeís press service Marina Davitashvili told InterPressNews. Davitashvili says that Eduard Shevardnadze himself demanded the ballot box to be delivered to his residence.

He said the ballot box was brought to the former president from the Krtsanisi No. 14 polling station at about 09:15. Shevardnadze voted at 09:20. Davitashvili reports the fact that the former President didnít go to the polling station doesnít mean that he is ill.

Georgian officer arrested by occupants in breakaway Tskhinvali Region

An officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has been arrested by the occupants on the territory of South Ossetia in Georgia yesterday. Russian news agencies are reporting that the Georgian law enforcer fired at the check-point located in the village of Karzman at dawn and the detention followed this incident. The MIA has released a special statement in this regard.

"The officer of Shida Kartli's Special Task Division, Mogeli Toliashvili, without a reason, appeared on the territory under Russian occupation. Russian Occupation military servicemen detained Mogeli Toliashvili in near bye village Perevi," the statement says.
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