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Did you vote? Have you faced any violations while being at the elections station?

Tuesday, October 2
“Yes, I voted but no violations were spotted.”
Albert, Reporter, 43

“I voted but everything was calm at my PEC.”
Ani, Operator, 22

“When I voted at a special PED for people without registrations I found it strange that I was the only voter while everywhere at Saburtalo DECs people were standing in long lines.”
Giorgi, Sportsman, 26

“Yes I did! I voted at one of the Vake-Saburtalo DECs, and noticed no violations while voting.”
Nino, NGO member, 34

“I went at the polling station in the early morning but I could not find my name at the election list. The observers detected this fact, but my vote remained blank. I think this will be rigged by the authorities.”
Mariam, student, 19

“I voted in a very quiet situation. I have not seen any violations. One thing was that there was a long queue and I had to wait for an hour.”
Beka, sportsman, 27

“I was on the elections and voted for my favorite party, I did not face any obstacles and no violations were obvious as well.”
Saba, Student, 18

“I did, I voted for the coalition Georgian Dream. I had no problems. However, there was an individual who was a Georgian resident in Tbilisi and he could not find himself in the voters list.”
Tato, Journalist, 22

“Fortunately or unfortunately I could not vote as I was not in Tbilisi in my registration city during Election Day.”
Avto, Engineer, 35