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Georgian president connects with local residents

Tuesday, October 2
On Sunday, The President of Georgia visited the family of Otar Goderdzishvili in Giorgitsminda and took part in harvesting grapes with his family members. The Head of State personally received information from the Goderdzishvilis about the vintage process this year. They have already sold a large percentage of their grapes to a wine factory. Saakashvili helped them with harvesting the grapes, which have been allocated for their family's use. The Goderdzishvili vineyard is spread across 8,000 square meters of land.

Later Saakashvili arrived at the vineyard of the Mchedlishvilis in Tsnori, and expressed interest in the vintage process. The hosts focused their attention on the price of selling grapes and noted that they had the most lucrative harvest this year. While visiting them, the Saakashvili drew attention to the infrastructural and social projects which will soon be implemented including construction of the new ropeway connecting Sighnaghi and Tsnori. The state also plans to fix internal roads and water systems in the area.