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Georgian Dream claims majority in a new parliament, whilst violations are still being revealed

By Ana Robakidze
Thursday, October 4
The Central Election Commission (CEC) has published results from 3,652 precincts, which is 98.81% of the total number of precincts. According to the early results of the party-list contest, the Georgian Dream has received 54.94% of votes and the UNM has 40.33%. No other party managed to clear the 5% threshold required to earn a seat in the parliament. The CEC also calculated results from 37, out of 47precincts outside the country. It has been revealed that 2,723 individuals voted for the UNM and 2601, for the Georgian Dream Coalition. Also, the UNM majoritarian MP candidates are leading in 35 single-mandate constituencies, while Georgian Dream candidates, in 37.

Georgia has been receiving congratulations from international society on passing the “test of democracy” for the last several days. “We take full note of ODIHR’s preliminary assessment of the conduct of the elections which considers that the process has shown a healthy respect for fundamental freedoms at the heart of democratic elections,” said the EU statement, addressing all representatives elected to the new parliament.

Even though, international observers assessed the latest elections as one of the most democratic; a number of violations still have been revealed and results from several precincts may be annulled.

Radio Liberty reported votes from 6 precincts in the Zugdidi district have been annulled; however, this information was rejected by the deputy–head of district commission Giorgi Pipia, “there are votes from 5 precincts our commission has to review” he said.

Chiora Taktakishvili, the spokesperson of the UNM, informed journalists about how Georgian Dream activists have gathered in Martvili, Tetristkaro, Ambrolauri and Sighnaghi regions and are trying to threaten members of the local election commissions and keep them under pressure. Taktakishvili also accused ex-ombudsman of the country Sozar Subari in trying to disturb the commission activities. “He is accompanied by approximately 500 Georgian Dream activists” she says.

A special statement that called on political groups to obey the laws and regulations and allow election commission and to fulfill the Inter-agency Commission's requests was made.

The statement says “As per the information provided by the CEC there has been several problems with proper functioning of commission in the following districts: Terjola, Marneuli,Tetritskaro, Sighnaghi, Ambrolauri, Matrvili, Lagodekhi.”

The Commission also addressed the Georgian Dream with a query to refrain from accumulating their activists in front of the buildings where district election commissions are based. “Their (activists’) threat to use force may escalate the situation” it is said in the statement.

“Every Georgian must realize that the CEC has to complete its job. I there are disagreements about the final results, legal ways should be addressed to solve the issues,” commented his excellence Renau Salins, Ambassador of France, after holding a meeting with Zurab Kharatishvili, Chair of the CEC. The accredited diplomats also expressed their concerns and hoped that political parties will act within the frames of law.