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Entrepreneurs complaining

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 4
In the first 8 months of 2012, the Revenue Service imposed penalties on more than 8,000 entrepreneurs. The penalty amount totals around 1 billion GEL. Of course the entrepreneurs do not agree with the penalties, claiming that this was due to the frequent amendments of the tax code and unclear articles which could be interpreted differently and therefore such inaccuracies caused the errors. Although the entrepreneurs complain, most of the disputed decisions are decided in favor of the state. In 2005, the Dispute Resolution Council received 25 complaints, in 2008 443 complaints, in 2010 the complaints reached more than 1, 000 and by September 2012, there were 8, 000 complains. So the complaints number has increased. However, as a result of the complaints, the decisions are almost always in favor of the state. Many entrepreneurs hope that after coming to power of new force headed by the businessman, the business environment in the country will improve in favor of the free market economy and fair competition. .