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Prospects of two pole parliament

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 4
The October 1 elections in Georgia showed the importance of democratic development in the country. Fortunately for the nation, a civil confrontation was avoided and the transition of power went smoothly and received the utmost praise from within the international community of observers and NGOs. As a result, the parliament was created where the victorious side has a majority and the former ruling power– the United National Movement, exercises support of 40% in the parliament.

UNM of course initially planned for an overwhelming victory; several times UNM leaders announced their intentions, even entering the election process when the exit poll results were announced. President Saakashvili promised his supporters to win the majoritarian voting with confidence. However, the very next day, when the official figures and results of the elections were partially announced, Saakashvili admitted defeat, stating that the UNM had lost and announced his readiness to support the formation of a new government. Moreover, he stated that now his party will go into opposition.

We now have a ruling majority in the parliament and an opposition representative as the president. So, 20 days from the elections, the new parliament should be endorsed and should begin its work. There are numerous shortcomings in every single direction, budgetary problems, the social situation, healthcare, insurance, business environment, education and many other segments need to be fixed, amended, prepared, supported and so on. Almost everywhere the former rulers of the country had violations. There will be dozens of cases drawn against the criminal violations, but this will require a revamped court system to accomplish.

Now Ivanishvili is calling on Saakashvili to resign from the president’s post and appoint snap presidential elections. But the winning coalition is already thinking about his impeachment, though this would need a constitutional majority which the Georgian Dream does not possess at the moment. However, the ruling power, in short period of time, has assured that some MPs will join the coalition. They will need about 10 personalities to receive a constitutional majority. There is one more thing: Georgian citizenship can be returned to Ivanishvili and he should become PM of the country. There are numerous details in the constitutional legislation, a new budget of 2013 should be approved and adopted. So, there are many things to be done. However, we should share the optimism of the new leadership and support the country in its move to strengthen democracy and move forward.