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Thursday, October 4
Will Saakashvili resign?

Coalition Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili has recommended that President Saakashvili resign. This statement was made after Ivanishvili’s coalition gained victory in the parliamentary elections on October 1.

Rezonansi was interested in what people think about Saakashvili’s possible resignation and the potential for snap presidential elections.

Tamriko Chokhonelidze, singer: “I do not think the president will leave his post by his own. Despite the fact that he conceded the elections, he will not have enough courage to make such a step.”

Gia Burjanadze:, actor “This depends on how adequately Saakashvili will see the existing situation in the country. In my mind, he still has hope that the West supports him and he will not leave before the 2013 elections.”

Irma Sokhadze, singer: Saakashvili said that he is going to cooperate with the coalition which now is in the majority. He said he recognizes that his party lost in the elections, but I am sure he will do his best to remain in power.

New Rights leader leaves politics

Rezonansi writes that the Chairperson of New Rights, Davit Gamkrelidze, has left the party and stepped out of politics, he declared during a briefing of the party. He said that the party’s executive secretary Revaz Sokhadze will act as chairperson. In the near future, New Rights will hold a meeting about selecting a new chairperson–“I’m loyal to what I said, as always. I said that if the party did not pass the barrier to enter parliament, I would not stay on as party chairperson. So I resign as the chairperson of the New Rights. It is my last public speech. I will no longer give comments to journalists, for which I apologize. I think everything has its beginning and its end,” Gamkrelidze said and thanked all those people who stood beside him for the past 12 years and fought for a better future.