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Zviad Dzidziguri meets with journalists

By Keti Arjevanidze
Friday, October 5
Yesterday Georgian Dream leader Zviad Dzidziguri, Majoritarian MP for Rustavi met with journalists.

Dzidziguri announced which issues the coalition intends to solve first: freedom of media and the independence for the judiciary, “Various crimes committed by the outgoing government will be investigated and reviewed by the courts. If Georgian Dream pursues this matter on our own we are ‘Saakashvili the Second,” Dzidziguri said.

According to Dzidziguri the new cabinet will be formed after the new parliament assembles. But one thing is certain: that Ivanishvili will be Prime Minister. "He is born to be Prime Minister." Dzidziguri said.

According to Dzidziguri, Ivanishvili will soon announce information about the new cabinet.

Dzidziguri also mentioned Western support and pressure from international observers as important during the election process. According to Dzidziguri Georgian Dream received support from the West because of its Western orientation. “One Western-oriented party was replaced by another.” Dzidziguri stressed.

Dzidziguri outlined the coalition’s foreign policy priorities: “...integration with NATO, friendship with the United States and re-establishing relations with Russia are our foreign policy priorities”.

According to the soon-to-be MP, if the US withdraws its forces from Afghanistan, Georgia will do the same.

As for the issue of prisoners, Dzidziguri said that those detained in Georgian prisons for their political orientation will be released after their cases are reviewed.