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Friday, October 5
Students hold rally at newspaper's office

Students from the Tbilisi State University students' union gathered in front of the newspaper Asaval-Dasavali's office in Tbilisi, Rezonansi reports. The students were protesting the newspaper’s decision to publish the names and addresses of individuals accused of torturing inmates at Gldani Prison. The students stated this is a violation of the rights of the accused as they have not been found guilty yet.

Asaval-Dasavali's action is very irresponsible, it violates human rights and encourages ordinary people to take revenge over them [the accused]. We call on the newspaper staff to stop planting aggression.” students stated.

Levan Berdzenishvili-We Won't Hesitate to Overrule President

“Yes, I personally expected this result, but it could have been better. I thought that we would win with 60 percent of the vote. I also assumed that the Christian Democrats would not cross the 5% barrier. I think it would be better if they had done so but now I am not going to depute this with people." Georgian Dream representative Levan Berdzenishvili stated in a recent interview with Kvela Siakhle.

“I expected that President Saakashvili would try to get out of the [prison scandal] situation by dismissing Bacho Akhalaia. I agree that nobody expected him to concede defeat so quickly but I was sure that there wouldn't be major protests or civil war. I told everyone this but not many people agreed with me. We have to thank our Western partners for this...during his last visit to the USA he got quite a strict warning about the elections.”Berdzenishvili stated.

“Now it is difficult to say how we will be able to collaborate with the President. We expect him to be flexible. But if he isn't then we might choose to overrule him and make our own decisions.” he added.