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2013 state budget

By Messenger Staff
Monday, October 8
Among many hot issues in the parliament, the hottest for the current developments should become the discussion over the state budget 2013 the UNM submitted to the parliament on September 28. The budget was planned according to the needs of the UNM and of course the Georgian Dream will try to change and make it more realistic. So, among other issues, this will be the first major challenge for the ruling coalition, because the budget has to be adopted for the end of the year. The revenues in the budget come to 7.23 billion GEL and expenditures 7.11 billion GEL.

In the draft budget, some ministry financing has been increased. There are highlighted priorities like agriculture, education and healthcare. According to the draft budget, economic growth is 6%. Representative of Georgian Dream coalition Nodar Khaduri suggested that the UNM just performed the obligatory step– submitting the draft budget to the parliament. Usually the adopted budget was several times amended during the recent years. Khaduri assured society that the existing draft budget will be substantially overlooked and adjusted. “The process should be transparent and the population should have information about the expenditure of every single Tetri,” promises Khaduri.