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Crime already increasing as Georgian Dream prepares to take control of government

By Keti Arjevanidze
Monday, October 8
On October 5, president Saakashvili had a meeting with the acting minister of interior affairs- Eka Zghuladze and prosecutor in chief- Murtaz Zodelava. The meeting’s aim was to discuss the issue of the increased number of crimes in the country during the last days.

“We have to understand that now there is transitional period, but from our force in guidance– the ministry of interior affairs, every policeman, and every co- worker of the prosecutor’s office has a responsibility to ensure that there is not a break in the order and lawfulness in the country... in any circumstances,” Saakashvili said.

Saakashvili said to law enforcement bodies that “we all appreciate democracy and the choice which the Georgians have made; you will transmit the power to the next minister as it is foreseen by the right and order. The current government will transmit the responsibility to the next government according to the law. In the ranges of the constitution, it is a very big achievement of our county, but at the same time, it shouldn’t reflect on our citizens’ safety, it is a pure and untouchable thing,” added the president.

Zghuladze agreed with the president and said that the order that exists in the country is an achievement not of a certain minister, but the country as a whole. She explained that the police are doing everything to investigate the crimes which were committed during the last days.

The head of a state expressed hope that their partners will act as responsible a political force as the National Movement acted.

The president talked about the issue of “thieves-in law” as well. He mentioned that the National Movement during their pre-election campaign frequently indicated the probability of the return of “thieves in law”. He appealed to every political force to appreciate the constitution and acting law, and said that they strictly have to control “thieves in law” not to cross the state border.

The president is convinced that, in terms of democracy, the time of thieves-in law will never come again.

“The pre-election campaign is over, there is no time for rhetoric and confrontation,” he said, adding that the ruling regime has admitted their defeat in the parliamentary elections and called on everybody to respect country’s constitution.

At the end of the meeting Saakashvili added that he is going to examine with Giorgi Tughushi, Prisons Minister, the current situation in prisons, despite that order has already been established and the violence is has been suppressed from the administration’s side.