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Do you think the number of robberies and other crimes have increased recently? If yes, why?

Monday, October 8
“To tell the truth, I do not know what is ongoing in this direction. TV channels are being speculated through the issue however, it is difficult to guess what is true is and what is false.”
Ana, linguist, 24

“I think that the rate of crime has increased a bit recently, as the United National Movement was considered to be strict with all those crimes. Criminals don’t know what to expect from the new government and they think their time has come and Dreamers won’t be so strict to them, I think.”
Rezo, Manager, 42

“Well, I think that number of robberies has increased and it is related to current transitional period. There is a political force which defeated the elections and there is a winner which has not yet launched its activities. I think that the thieves are trying to get more advantage from the current period.”
Mano, Journalist, 28

“I consider that it is just delirium of the loser United National Movement.”
Bachana, a company employee, 21

“Well, I have not been robbed so far and I cannot assure you that the number of crimes has increased. I leave my car in the yard as usual and I have no special keys for locking door. If it is true, this would be a pity, because people got used to walk and sleep in a calm environment and if the police system will break down, the country will face a catastrophe like in previous years.”
Levan, Bank Employee, 36

“I have become a witness how the drivers refuse to use seat belt while driving and police left it without attention. Situation was strictly controlled until the elections. I do not know what is going on. Maybe police are still controlled by the former ruling party and they pay less attention to the society’s control as the ministers cabinet should be changed soon. But everybody should take into account that we should continue to live as we used to. Police should take care of us and realize that they are working for people's safety and not for any political parties orders.”
Nana, dentist, 44

"I do not think something has changed or the crime level has increased in the country, just robberies have been reported by the media sources widely, to make people think that changes in the government is not safe and criminal situation gets worse."
David, Sailor, 50.