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Janjgava might reveal confidential information

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, October 9
The just-released colonel of the armed forces, Nikoloz (Nika) Janjghava, spoke of the reasons of his arrest during the pre-election period and emphasized that he would voice some confidential information concerning some “still obscure events” on October 8.

Janjghava was released from prison on October 7. Based on the court’s decision, his punishment was facilitated and he left the prison 12 days earlier. The Ministry of Interior Affairs arrested Janjghava on august 20, for insubordination and confrontation with police.

Janjghava said in his interview with Radio Liberty that his official version of the detention was absurd and soon the curtain will be opened to all secrets, due to the fact that he was isolated by the government. He also added that without that important secret information he knows he would not have been released from prison in the case of the UNM winning the elections.

After his release, Janjghava said that at present, there are hundreds of innocent inmates in the country and all those who are guilty in this must be punished.

According to Janjghava’s advocate, he was a political prisoner; a hostage of the former government; “all the political prisoners are arrested for these accusations– insubordination and confrontation with police,” said the advocate.

The advocate also underscored the fact that the members of colonel’s family have not made a comment. This is because they have received threats and pressure on them on behalf of the government. However, family members of the colonel confirm that Janjghava is a political prisoner, concretely the prisoner of Bacho Akhalaia-former minister of interior affairs.

After the release of Janjgava, the Georgian media speculates that he might be appointed as the head of the united staff by Ivanishvili.

As Irakli Aladashvili, Editor in Chief of Arsenali estimates, there couldn’t be any confrontation among Akhalaia and Janjghava, “I think that all the rumors that are around this issue are not close to reality,” he told The Messenger.

The analyst does not welcome Janjgava’s appointment as the head of the United Staff. “His appointment on this post I think will be a big mistake, there are people in Georgia who will do this job better,” said Arsenali’s Irakli Aladashvili.