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China Southern Airlines in Georgia

Thursday, October 11
China Southern Airlines began flights between Tbilisi and Urumqi last year and now it is conducting three flights in a week. Company representatives in Tbilisi held a seminar for the representatives of media and tour operators to promote the activities of the company here in Georgia. All prospective passengers are invited to travel through the airlines on more than 170 international and regional routes from Urumgi. The company offers several options, destinations and services to its passengers. The representatives of the company and their Georgian counterparts explained in detail to the interested audience the advantages the company offers to its clients. The activities of China Southern Airlines in Georgia should be welcomed as it could establish new opportunities for Georgian businesses for organizing mutually beneficial cooperation with their Chinese counterparts. It is noteworthy that Urumqi is an ideal place for shopping and traveling. It represents an import and export trade distribution center for west-middle Asia.